We distinguish ourselves for the complete and professional management of imported products destined for mechanical transmission on request. Through an integrated approach, we handle all phases of the process: from order management to  quality control, up to the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

Leveraging our consolidated experience and the know-how of our group, we guarantee high standards of quality and reliability during every phase of the importation process.

Importation phases

Phase 1

Feasibility analysis and supplier selection

Phase 2

On-site order management

Phase 3

Delivery time monitoring

Phase 4

Logistics management

Phase 5


Phase 6

Logistics and customer care


Feasibility analysis and supplier selection

During the feasibility analysis phase of RDO, we carefully examine various crucial aspects, including technical feasibility, which we assess considering the resources and production capacities of our partners worldwide, and operational processes. These aspects, integrated with the development of technical files (DIBA and work cycles), provide us with the rational basis to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

On-site order management

Accurate order management is crucial for the efficiency of the service we offer. Thanks to collaboration with selected partners and the support of our qualified staff, we ensure punctual on-site order management: it is through to this synergy that we significantly improve the quality and overall efficiency of Special Ingranaggi’s services.

Delivery time monitoring

Through careful management of all import and export processes, including customs practices, we meticulously follow the goods at every stage of the shipment, providing the customer with precise information about the progress and arrival status of the order at the headquarters.

Logistics management

From the moment the goods enter the European Community, we collaborate with specialized customs forwarders who act as intermediaries between the importer and the customs agency. In this way, we take care of the complete management of customs procedures in full compliance with current regulations, ensuring the customer optimal management of bureaucratic formalities and timely resolution of any issues related to customs clearance of goods.


To always guarantee the best quality standards, our company has implemented a dual quality control system for goods. This practice, carried out by our specialized staff first in China and then in Italy, allows us to offer our customers the highest quality of imported products.
This double control helps us to ensure high standards of excellence and quality, as it minimizes the chances that non-compliant products reach the end recipient, thus optimizing production and minimizing associated risks.

Logistics and customer care

Our logistics and customer care service monitors the goods in real-time at every stage of the journey, ensuring a simple and satisfying shopping experience for our customers. Attention to goods tracking not only ensures product safety and integrity but also strengthens the transparency in operations, as well as our commitment to safe and punctual product delivery.
Our customer care team is dedicated to providing timely and personalized support, concretely addressing every need, doubt, or problem. Our priority is to establish a relationship of trust with those who rely on us, offering an attentive and professional service in every aspect.

Special Experience

We offer a complete and reliable service, with guaranteed import deliveries organized in advance, advanced stock and inventory management to ensure continuity of supplies and quick responses to customer needs.

The international quality control process, along with comprehensive order management, guarantees a high-level experience, including after-sales assistance and active pursuit of new collaboration opportunities.


Business analysis and consulting for resource and process optimization


Customer relationship management and customer service


Operational management and communication with the customer during production and delivery

After-sales services

Post-sales relationship management and business opportunity development with the customer

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