Gear quality control is conducted by our quality department, using the most technologically advanced mechanical and digital tools. We perform thorough checks, ensuring the highest quality of our products throughout the entire production cycle, from raw materials to dimensional accuracy, including heat and surface treatments. Through cycle mapping, we can monitor every production and processing process and all import stages.

Gear quality certification includes technical characteristics and specific dimensional and functional specifications for each product, ensuring maximum reliability and optimal performance.

Quality Gear: Pre-Delivery Controls

Italian production quality control

We are committed to providing effective and comprehensive solutions covering every aspect of supply chain management. Vendor inspection is a fundamental element in managing our supply chain, contributing to ensuring maximum quality, compliance, and reliability of our suppliers.

We inspect all incoming materials, evaluate the conformity of deliveries, and promptly report any non-compliant supply to the suppliers. The destination of non-compliant materials is continuously monitored and recorded, and the goods are managed according to the prescribed rules once they arrive in the waste warehouse.

We employ Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor our production processes, that allows us to measure and constantly control the quality of goods. SPC activates specific tools that will enable obtaining particular data regarding the quality of product measurements and process readings.

During the import phase, we can trace back to the reference supplier and all process stages through the production batch. Moreover, upon request, we include batch marking and the related customer code to make traceability even simpler and more effective.

Double quality control China/Italy

Thanks to our staff present directly on-site, we can carefully control the products manufactured by our selected partners in all production stages (with agreed control plans), including heat and surface treatments, up to the pre-shipping phase. We proceed with shipping to our headquarters in Italy only when the product is guaranteed to comply with international parameters.

Once the product arrives at our headquarters, it goes through the metrological control phase, where the quality control staff carefully examine every aspect, ensuring compliance not only with conventional parameters but also with supply standards agreed upon by the customer.

Our Certifications

Quality assurance is our constant across all solutions we offer, from manufacturing to production to component importation.

TÜV International Certification - ISO 9001

The TÜV – ISO 9001 certification allows us to improve product quality, optimize processes, and increase organizational efficiency by reducing waste and maximizing productivity. It guarantees customers the highest quality and confirms our commitment to transparent communication.

New headquarters and ISO 140001 Certification

We are excited to announce that our new modern headquarters represents a significant step towards obtaining ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management. This reflects our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainable business practices. The design and construction of our new headquarters are guided by ecological principles aimed at reducing the overall environmental impact of our activities. This includes the use of sustainable materials, optimization of energy efficiency, and responsible water resource management. Achieving ISO 14001 certification is our goal, confirming our commitment to sustainability. The new headquarters will be a modern workplace and a symbol of our dedication to a sustainable future.

Special Experience

We offer a complete and reliable service, with guaranteed import deliveries organized in advance, advanced stock and inventory management to ensure continuity of supplies and quick responses to customer needs.

The international quality control process, along with comprehensive order management, guarantees a high-level experience, including after-sales assistance and active pursuit of new collaboration opportunities.


Business analysis and consulting for resource and process optimization


Customer relationship management and customer service


Operational management and communication with the customer during production and delivery

After-sales services

Post-sales relationship management and business opportunity development with the customer

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