At Specialingranaggi, we deeply value and uphold a commitment to sustainability, considering it a fundamental aspect of our development. This commitment materializes through achieving an optimal balance among these three dimensions: economic outcomes, environmental factors, and social context.

Our value is based on a solidity and competitiveness rooted in the mindful use of natural resources, respect, and attenttion to environmental impact. Another aspect we prioritize is the well-being of our employees, which is crucial for both the company’s growth and especially for peaceful coexistence among individuals in the work environment.

Technological innovation and recognition of the fundamental role of the human factor represent the cornerstones of our commitment to sustainability, guiding us in the constant search for solutions that promote a balanced and responsible future.

Technological Innovation
At Specialingranaggi, we are committed to developing advanced solutions to optimize production processes, improve human-machine interface, and minimize environmental impact. Concurrently, we lead innovation in the efficient consumption of energy resources, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality through the use of renewable energy sources.
Human Factor
In addition to technological innovation, we attribute a central role to the human factor, valuing individual skills and promoting personal growth within the company. We actively engage in promoting gender equality and safeguarding the safety of our workers, considering the prevention of workplace accidents and occupational diseases as fundamental pillars of our corporate policy. This commitment is reflected in a safe, inclusive, and stimulating work environment, where every individual in the group is essential for collective success.

Our Commitment in 10 Points


We optimize the production cycle to maximize efficiency and minimize waste through the integration of cutting-edge technologies.


We improve planning and workflow scheduling through streamlining processes, aiming to offer leaner production.


We invest in technology to enhance the human-machine interface, not only to enhance performance but also to make the work environment more comfortable.


We experiment with the use of new materials and processing techniques, including the adoption of biodegradable fluids derived from vegetable oils, replacing traditional cutting fluids, for reduced environmental impact.


We commit to limiting material waste to reduce waste production, both liquid and solid, through specific practices that also extend the life of our machines.


Our method is based on optimizing consumption, directing our energy management towards more sustainable systems.


We aim to achieve Carbon Neutrality through our increasing use renewable energies, both purchased and produced.


We promote the professional growth of our employees through incentives and continuous investments in training, offering concrete opportunities for internal career advancement that reward merit and innovation.


We are committed to offering equal opportunities by supporting an inclusive work environment.


Safety and security are imperative; preventing  accidents and occupational diseases is among our priorities to create a safe working environment.

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