Special Experience

At Specialingranaggi, our service is designed to offer an experience for our customers: we are committed to providing personalized support in the field of On-Demand Mechanical Transmissions. We are available to answer questions, solve any issues, develop projects, and ensure the utmost satisfaction of every customer. Our priority is to establish a trusting relationship, offering attentive and professional service that exceeds expectations.

Through an integrated approach of Production, Importation, Logistics, and Customer Care, we aim to provide comprehensive and quality service that contributes to our customers’ satisfaction.

Project Analysis
Order Management
Customer Support
Key Points of Our Service

At Specialingranaggi, we strive to offer high-quality services and tailored solutions in mechanical transmissions to meet every specific need, both for locally produced products and imported products.

Our logistics stands out for punctual and well-organized deliveries, ensuring continuity and timeliness in supplies with stock management for up to 12 months.

We adopt rigorous double-checking of goods, first in China and then upon arrival in Italy, to ensure compliant and pristine products, with constant support even during shipment.

Project Analysis
We analyze the customer's RDO, providing technical support when necessary
We assess both national and import feasibility in the project phase.
We identify the best production cycle to optimize the customer's purchase
Order Management
We fully manage the customer's order, from insertion to invoicing
We are autonomous in all processing phases to deliver the finished product to the customer and prepare it for assembly
In managing orders with short delivery times, we are supported by internal production if needed
We control stocks through customer demand analysis, ensuring continuity in supplies
We manage stock for up to 12 months to ensure regular deliveries
We offer express delivery with kanban pickups
We proactively monitor any delivery delays to resolve them
Customer Support
We respond promptly to customer requests
Our Customer Care service supports and assists the customer, addressing doubts, needs, and problems
We offer after-sales service to resolve any issues

Our clients choose us for…

Excellent Quality/Price Ratio

Through the optimization of production processes, we guarantee our clients the highest quality of products at competitive market prices.

Their ability to optimize production processes is clearly reflected in the impeccable quality of the products I received, punctual and detailed in every aspect. They convey impeccable seriousness and professionalism, demonstrating deep technical expertise in the sector.

Fast Import Delivery Times

Our effective logistics management and close collaboration with suppliers allow us to reduce our customers’ waiting times, ensuring punctuality in delivery.

The speed of delivery offered by Specialingranaggi was a pleasant surprise. I received my orders with extraordinary punctuality, which demonstrates their seriousness and professionalism in ensuring a high-level service while keeping commitments despite the very short time required.

Respect for Import Delivery Terms

We carefully monitor every phase of the import process, ensuring accurate planning of activities and continuous communication with the customer.

Their commitment to monitoring every single phase of the process manifested with punctual deliveries and no surprises. Communication is always open, and responses are provided promptly. Their seriousness in managing my expectations and respecting agreed-upon deadlines left me with an extremely positive impression.

Ability to Manage Express Productions with Domestic Production

We offer our clients the flexibility to manage express productions also through our domestic production, meeting even the most urgent needs.

The solutions they adopted to respond to my demands highlighted their serious and professional commitment. They managed to handle my most urgent requests, and thanks to their readiness, I was able to face some aspects of my work with greater peace and security.

Effective Assistance in Managing Any Internal Production Issues

Our team is fully available to provide comprehensive and attentive customer support in managing any internal issues, with the goal of resolving them promptly.

The assistance provided by Specialingranaggi in managing a production issue was of the highest level. Their team was extremely available and competent in quickly addressing my requests and the difficulties along the way. I greatly appreciated their dedication to providing comprehensive and attentive support, demonstrating once again their seriousness and professionalism in dealing with clients.

Quick contacts

We are here to offer you the best possible support. Contact us with any requests, questions or feedback, we are at your disposal.
E. commerciale@specialingranaggi.com
Technical department
E. tecnico@specialingranaggi.com
E. export@specialingranaggi.com
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