Who We Are

Since 1999, we have been a trusted partner in the production and importation of customized mechanical transmission components. For over 20 years, we have been committed to representing excellence and innovation by offering solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.
Our identity is characterized by two complementary souls: production and importation.
On one hand, we stand out for our ability to develop and support customized client projects, using cutting-edge machinery and specific technologies. On the other hand, we are committed to masterfully managing a global network of imports, personally selecting high-quality and certified products from our suppliers worldwide.

This allows us to enrich our mechanical landscape with innovative and reliable solutions, providing our customers with a diversified range of options.

The quality of our products and the attentive service we offer our customers are the cornerstones of our business, values that guide us and enable us to keep pace and adapt to the highly dynamic markets in this sector.
Proud to be the privileged partner for the mechanical transmission needs of our customers, we constantly strive to maintain high standards of excellence, innovation, and reliability in every aspect of our work.

Our History


Corporate Development

Our history begins in the 1980s, when Filippo Morello’s father started his business as a sales agent for two important companies in the sector. From 1999 onwards, our business model evolved, shifting from the purchase of standard mechanical transmission components to their transformation through foreign workshops, until the internal verticalization of all production phases, enhanced by investments in 4.0 technology.

The first headquarters

The move to our first historic headquarters of 500 square meters marks a significant historical moment for our company. This new environment represents the beginning of a solid path of growth and development, characterized by determination in pursuing excellence at every production stage.

Moving to new headquarters

This year represents another turning point for us: the transfer to a new headquarters allows us to expand and improve our production and logistics capabilities, further perfecting the quality of our services.

Integrated management system

The transition to an integrated management system is a crucial moment in our company’s growth. Thanks to the implementation of this system, we gain a comprehensive and unified view of all our operations, ranging from supplier management to production and from logistics to distribution. This integration allows us to optimize processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

After intense work in 2018, Specialingranaggi receives recognition of the international TÜV certification. This recognition is crucial for all clients, as it guarantees them the highest level of quality of our products.

A company that achieves ISO 9001 quality certification is indeed able to achieve significant improvements not only in product quality but also in organizational efficiency, in analysis, and in process mapping, reducing waste and increasing productivity.

Covid Emergency

In the initial phase of the pandemic, in February and March 2020, when we faced difficulties in supplies from abroad, we responded by compensating for the import block with our production in Italy.

Investment 4.0

Our 4.0 investment philosophy represents a fundamental pillar of our business strategy even today: we constantly strive to implement cutting-edge technologies and automated processes to improve efficiency, precision, and quality of our products.
Through the adoption of digital and connected solutions, we aim to optimize our operations, reducing production times and better satisfying our customers’ needs. This approach allows us to remain competitive in the global market and to lead innovation in our sector.

New Headquarters

Today, in addition to the continued focus on our production processes, a key element of our corporate strategy is the project of our new headquarters. Spanning 8,000 square meters, it will allow us to triple the space dedicated to machinery, warehouse, and offices, becoming step by step, an increasingly solid reality.


Our goal is to become a leading partner, recognized for reliability and the ability to provide tailor-made solutions in our field of expertise. Through a mix of in-depth and specialized knowledge in the field, and attentive service to our customers’ requests, we are committed to strengthening our network of relationships, providing those who rely on us with complete availability and competence.


Our mission is to fully and accurately satisfy the specific needs of each client. We are dedicated to identifying and offering optimal solutions, carefully managing risks, seizing all unique opportunities, and placing customer attention and their needs at the center of every action we take.

Special Experience

We offer a complete and reliable service, with guaranteed import deliveries organized in advance, advanced stock and inventory management to ensure continuity of supplies and quick responses to customer needs.

The international quality control process, along with comprehensive order management, guarantees a high-level experience, including after-sales assistance and active pursuit of new collaboration opportunities.


Business analysis and consulting for resource and process optimization


Customer relationship management and customer service


Operational management and communication with the customer during production and delivery

After-sales services

Post-sales relationship management and business opportunity development with the customer

Our clients choose us for…

Excellent Quality/Price Ratio

Through the optimization of production processes, we guarantee our clients the highest quality of products at competitive market prices.

Their ability to optimize production processes is clearly reflected in the impeccable quality of the products I received, punctual and detailed in every aspect. They convey impeccable seriousness and professionalism, demonstrating deep technical expertise in the sector.

Fast Import Delivery Times

Our effective logistics management and close collaboration with suppliers allow us to reduce our customers’ waiting times, ensuring punctuality in delivery.

The speed of delivery offered by Specialingranaggi was a pleasant surprise. I received my orders with extraordinary punctuality, which demonstrates their seriousness and professionalism in ensuring a high-level service while keeping commitments despite the very short time required.

Respect for Import Delivery Terms

We carefully monitor every phase of the import process, ensuring accurate planning of activities and continuous communication with the customer.

Their commitment to monitoring every single phase of the process manifested with punctual deliveries and no surprises. Communication is always open, and responses are provided promptly. Their seriousness in managing my expectations and respecting agreed-upon deadlines left me with an extremely positive impression.

Ability to Manage Express Productions with Domestic Production

We offer our clients the flexibility to manage express productions also through our domestic production, meeting even the most urgent needs.

The solutions they adopted to respond to my demands highlighted their serious and professional commitment. They managed to handle my most urgent requests, and thanks to their readiness, I was able to face some aspects of my work with greater peace and security.

Effective Assistance in Managing Any Internal Production Issues

Our team is fully available to provide comprehensive and attentive customer support in managing any internal issues, with the goal of resolving them promptly.

The assistance provided by Specialingranaggi in managing a production issue was of the highest level. Their team was extremely available and competent in quickly addressing my requests and the difficulties along the way. I greatly appreciated their dedication to providing comprehensive and attentive support, demonstrating once again their seriousness and professionalism in dealing with clients.

Our Products

Sprockets and chains
Conical gears
Slewing rings
Pulleys and belts
Different products

Quick contacts

We are here to offer you the best possible support. Contact us with any requests, questions or feedback, we are at your disposal.
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