Certificazione internazionale TÜV – ISO 9001


Specialingranaggi Tuv Certification

Specialingranaggi after a path of intense work has obtained the recognition of the international certification TÜV. This recognition is a crucial aspect for all customers to whom we want to ensure the highest level of quality of our products while respecting, in this way, the trust that is placed in us. A company that obtains ISO 9001 quality certification is able to achieve significant improvements in terms of organizational efficiency and product quality, minimizing waste, avoiding errors and increasing productivity.



High quality gears, quality control department

The quality control is carried out by our technical department and workshop testing, by means of mechanical tools and the latest digital technology.We proceed further to extensive quality control of raw materials and ensure quality control of our products throughout the whole production cycle, including heat treatment and dimensional controls. Thanks to streamlined cycles, we are able to monitor all our manufacturing processes, as well as imports’ phases. In this way, we can ensure maximum compliance with the highest standards of quality.  The quality certification of the items, in fact, concerns in the chemical characteristics of the raw material and in the dimensional and functional features of each product.

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