Thanks to our production department, the output of wheels, sprockets for roller chains, pulleys and mechanical transmissions, is our flexible and secure answer to the request of non-standard transmissions, available in any material and size.

Policy stages

Materials quality

Step 1

Material quality

For the production of our gears, sprockets, pulleys, bevel gears, racks, we carefully choose raw materials. We can offer the right solution with any material, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, hardened, nylon, aluminum, brass , bronze. All materials may be accompanied by a certificate.

Production department

Step 2

Standard and special production

We are specialized in the production of gears and toothing of sprockets and pulleys, responding with flexibility to the requests for standard products’ production and customers’ specifics. Thanks to our production department and our last generation machines, we are able to tooth, with manual or automatic loading system, sporckets, pulleys and gears, from M 0.4 to M 12 with diameters between 10 mm and 450 mm.

Flow control

Step 3

Flow control

The rationalization of every step of the production cycle of sprockets, gears, pulleys, bevel gears, racks and the ability of our technicians, which are supported by the ERP system, let us know, any time, every stage of manufacture, providing fast answers and reliable deliveries.


Step 4


Our great flexibility give answer to the needs of small firms, up to the requests of international companies, producing from a single piece to large series of all our mechanical transmissions.

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