Mechanical transmissions on demand


We are recognized as leaders in the production and sale for components of mechanical transmissions on demand, since 1999.
Thanks to our Production department MTM TRASMISSIONI, we work, manufacture and import a huge range of products such as gears, pulleys, sprockets, racks, slewing rings, in any material and processing according to customer specifications.

The carefully management of all stages of production and processing, monitored by an integrated management system, the high competence of our production department, the quality of our heat/surface tratments and the meticulous controls durind all phases of the work cycle, ensure accuracy and reliability in all our products, which find application in industrial and artisanal sectors of agriculture, automotive, textile, mechanical, manufacturing, food processing, packaging, machinery for marble, wood and glass.
Our success is the result of our flexibility and ability to evolve in highly dynamic markets.
The quality and service guaranteed to our customers are the values on which our entire business is founded.

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