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Bevel Gears

For over twenty years Specialingranaggi has been supplying bevel gears with straight and helical teeth, Gleason (Spiral and Hypoid) used in various industrial sectors including: agricultural machinery, cutters and harrows, automatic machines, the food industry and bottling.
The modules that can be implemented vary from M 1 to M 6 with various types of ratio. All the bevel gears can be produced with any material according to drawing and treated according to customer specifications.

While the management of the commercialization activity includes all the phases of the import of the product, including logistics, import-export documentation, up to the delivery to the customer. Naturally, the quality of all products is guaranteed by the international TUV certification, supervised by our internal quality system.

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  • Flexible and reliable production for any application or need

  • Economic benefits, thanks to the complete internal management of production cycles

  • High performance thanks to heat treatments


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